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9/8/2016 The B-Street Band Performs Free Concert Sponsored by Regal Bank

9/8/2016 Regal Bank Announces 8th Annual Dog Pawrade, September 18

8/8/2016 Regal Bank Hosts Free Concert by the B-Street Band

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The B-Street Band Performs Free Concert Sponsored by Regal Bank

On August 27, 2016, hundreds of music fans of all ages gathered in Echo Plaza Shopping Center for a free concert by the B-Street Band. Regal Bank and the Springfield Patriot Chamber of Commerce sponsored the event.

"It's always an honor for Regal Bank to bring a fun event to our community. We extend a big thanks to everyone who attended and especially to the B-Street Band for putting on such a great show," said Springfield branch manager, Raul Riveiro.

The B-Street Band is the original Bruce Springsteen tribute band, entertaining crowds since 1980 with hits from New Jersey native Bruce Springsteen. They first performed as "Backstreets, a Tribute to the Boss" on May 19, 1980 in Asbury Park as the very first band to do an entire tribute to a live performer, paving the way for the tens of thousands of tribute bands that exist today. The B-Street Band plays about 200 shows each year around the United States.

Regal Bank has sponsored many shows by the B-Street Band over the past decade. The popular tribute band is a regular crowd pleaser in the annual Livingston Summer Concert Series, sponsored by the bank.