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9/8/2016 The B-Street Band Performs Free Concert Sponsored by Regal Bank

9/8/2016 Regal Bank Announces 8th Annual Dog Pawrade, September 18

8/8/2016 Regal Bank Hosts Free Concert by the B-Street Band

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Regal Bank's Featured Business of the Month…
My Time Fitness

Regal Bank's Featured Business of the Month… MY TIME FITNESS
Barbara Geiger, Co-Director of Running 4 Answers, Anna Pedreiras, Regal Bank's Roseland branch manager and Carolyn Mastrangelo, Owner of My Time Fitness and Co-Director of Running 4 Answers

In a workout, resistance can be an effective tool. But resistance from your business banking institution is anything but helpful. Just ask personal trainer Carolyn Mastrangelo of My Time Fitness in Roseland, New Jersey.

"I realized I was getting raked over the coals," Mastrangelo says of her former bank. "I've been nothing but happy since switching to Regal Bank."

When Mastrangelo was launching her one-woman personal training business this past September, she didn't have to second-guess her decision to use Regal Bank for her business banking. She first encountered the Regal Bank difference when fundraising for Running for Answers, the charity she founded in 2010 to benefit research for a cure for Alzheimer's disease.

"My mother has Alzheimer's. As a runner, I wanted to raise money for her but couldn't find a race for Alzheimer's anywhere on the East Coast," she said. "So I decided to make one." Together with her friend Barbara Geiger, Mastrangelo founded Running for Answers, a 5K race and 2-mile walk in Roseland, New Jersey, that benefits The Alzheimer's Fund.

Mastrangelo took the necessary steps to become a 501c3 nonprofit organization and opened an account for her charity with a large, national bank. But when she asked that bank for financial support for her charitable event, they let her down.

"It was extremely disappointing. Roseland is a very small town and we thought we were doing something great for the community. We were doing our banking with them yet they just didn't want to be a part of it. They would have benefi tted as well, but they just didn't support us. "

She found a very different reaction when she met with Regal Bank representatives at the Roseland branch. She was given a $1,000 donation.

"They started asking me questions about the fees we had to pay at our bank," Mastrangelo said. "The fees were numerous and outrageously high. The Regal Bank team explained to me that as a non-profit, we shouldn't be paying them at all. I thought 'this is ridiculous' and switched to Regal Bank right away."

Regal Bank has continued to serve as a yearly sponsor for Running for Answers, which has raised $140,000 for Alzheimer's research to date.

As a personal trainer, Mastrangelo takes a personal interest in her clients' success. She believes Regal Bank has a similar philosophy toward its customers.

"I have a tremendous passion for what I do. I really care about the wellbeing of my clients. Not just their physical fitness but what's going on in their lives. It's the same with Regal Bank. You can't go to a community event without seeing Regal Bank there. Every time I've ever needed anything, they have been responsive, helpful and quick to get me results. I've been nothing but happy since I switched."

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