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Community Service is priority for Regal Bank assistant branch manager

LIVINGSTON, NJ (September 27, 2012) -- There's no doubt Luis Cruz Jr. has his priorities in order.

When the Bloomfield resident isn't assisting customers at his position as assistant branch manager at Regal Bank's 504 Livingston Avenue location in Livingston, he's volunteering his time to work with the disabled at Neighbours, Inc. in Middlesex County. This innovative, non-profit organization was created specifically to address the needs of individuals with disabilities -- as well as their families -- with an emphasis on helping them choose and design a life within their local towns and neighborhoods.

"There are lots of things I could do with my free time -- but I can't imagine anything as important or rewarding as working with the people at Neighbours," Cruz explains. "I've volunteered with them for six years now, and before that I worked with several other organizations dedicated to helping the disabled. It's something I never get tired of doing, and I can't imagine I ever will."

The focus at Neighbours, Inc. is on one-on-one, real world support related to preparing people to manage a job, including a schedule, core responsibilities, and thriving in various workplace cultures.

"I truly value my own job and responsibilities here at Regal Bank, so I know how important it is for someone who wants a job to be able to have one," Cruz adds. "I'm an advocate for dignity, respect, and the rights of the disabled, and I'm helping people to thrive. It's something I'm very proud of."

Regal Bank Regional Branch Manager Christina Slater is proud to have Cruz on her team.
"Luis has been a professional colleague of mine for years, even before he came to Regal, and he's an invaluable asset to our office," Slater notes. "Not only is he tremendously organized, he also brings a wonderful enthusiasm to his work each and every day. I'm sure this is exactly the personality trait that makes him so successful and so valuable in his volunteer efforts."