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B Street Bank Rocks Township of Livingston Summer Concert Series -- The Alternative Press

LIVINGSTON, NJ - Although dark storm clouds and a light rain threatened attendance at the free concert this weekend, hundreds of people still flocked to the Livingston High School auditorium to enjoy the musical stylings of The BSTREETBAND, a Bruce Springsteen cover band.

Originally known as Backstreets, The BSTREETBAND covers both Springsteen's greatest hits and dance music. This 8-member band was formed in Asbury Park, New Jersey and has performed from Maine to the Bahamas for over 3 million people. The BSTREETBAND stands out particularly because their lead vocalist, Glenn Stuart, actually looks like Springsteen.

The band started promptly at 7 p.m. and could be heard clearly from outside the high school. Regal Bank set up a table outside the auditorium where volunteers handed out water bottles, flashlights, and balloons to concertgoers before they entered the auditorium.

Volunteer Regal Bank employees served as ushers to help latecomers find any remaining seats. The auditorium was so packed that many concertgoers were forced to stand by the doorway just to catch a glimpse of the band.

A television crew broadcast the performance against the auditorium wall from a projector for anyone who could not see the band from where they were sitting or standing. Another cameraman was recording the performance to broadcast on television. Photographers clustered around the front of the stage so as not to block the audience's view.

One of the band's founders, keyboardist Willie Forte, thanked Regal Bank for allowing him and the band to perform that night in Livingston. He told the crowd that they enjoyed playing in the auditorium because "it feels like we're playing a big show." Forte also urged the audience to pick up a schedule of the band's future performances and a pamphlet about the band. He and The BSTREETBAND then went back to business and performed song requests, much to the crowd's enjoyment.

Regal Bank sponsors concerts in downtown Livingston every Sunday in July at either the Memorial Field gazebo or Livingston High School's auditorium.